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Consider Booking for a Cambodia Travel

Cambodia have tons of enchanting landscapes as well as rich culture and history the people’s hospitality keeps visitors to come back more. Below are some of the reasons as to why travelling to Cambodia is one of the best bucket list.

Beautiful Islands

Many people tends to overlook the beautiful islands of Cambodia. Koh Rong is known as a party island and Koh Rong Samloem have beautiful powder sands that have amazing tropical flora. There are other amazing places as well such as the Koh Totang, Koh Thmei and the Koh Ta Kiev.

The Floating Houses

Many tourists are amazed to see the many floating houses in Cambodia. Most of these settlements are in fact living in floating boathouses and there are some that are built ten meters above the river in the Tonle Sap Lake. There are market places that are actually suited in the lake and there are also floating vendors. There are likewise crocodile farms and also bird sanctuaries that in fact attracts many tourists.

Chong Kneas

Many people already heard about Chong Kneas and there are also those who still don’t know about it. When you still haven’t gone to that amazing place, below are some reasons why add it to your bucket list. Some reasons is because of its amazing foods, spectacular activities and is certainly able to offer you delight.

Chong Kneas likewise have activities that are very unique like kids sporting on big water snakes and there are likewise crocodile farms that have lots of crocodiles crammed together. There are chances where the boat you are in will stop by at a local shop to where they sell rice bags for children in the orphanage.

Travel is Authentic

Travellers are usually in search for authentic experiences and one best way for this is with a Cambodia travel. You could take in everything from a community homestay, do trekking on the jungle and find rare floras, cycling through its mesmerizing countryside, learn how to cook amazing Cambodian food and to immerse yourself on different festivities.

Enjoy their Rich Culture

There are rich cultures and heritage that actually runs through the veins of Cambodians. They have an amazing traditional music, beautiful apsara dancers, stage shows, elaborate ceremonies and many more opportunities for you to immerse yourself to its vibrant scenery. The Sovannaphum Theatre that is in Phnom Penh have regular performances and they also have workshops in shadow puppetry. What’s more is that there are Cambodian Living Arts that produces traditional dance shows.

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